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Our expert Advisers and Case Handlers will keep you informed every step of the way, whilst our Negotiators energetically pursue your case to secure the maximum money back. If you have any questions, you may be sure we're always on hand to help – so our service is every bit as good as our results.

  • We are a Specialist Payment Protection Reclaim Company
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  • We treat every claim in the strictest confidence
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Do you think you may have been mis sold PPI?

  • You had a loan or credit card within the last 6 years?
  • You retired, unemployed or self-employed when the PPI was sold to you?
  • You were told you must take out a PPI policy in order to qualify for the loan or other finance?
  • You already have a PPI policy in place but were not asked this question?
  • You were not told that you could purchase PPI from other suppliers.
  • You were not told about the circumstances in which you cannot make a claim.
  • You paid PPI in one lump sum, without being told that you could pay for it monthly.
  • You paid for the PPI in one lump sum and then paid off your loan (or other finance) early but did not receive a refund on your lump sum PPI payment.
  • Were the terms and conditions of the PPI policy were not explained to you clearly?
  • You felt that you were pressurised in to purchasing the Payment Protection Insurance from the supplier.

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What does Britain's financial watchdog the FCA say?

  • Only 1 in 5 potential complaints about mis-sold payment protections insurance has been made so far
  • UK Banks have set aside more than 40 billion to cover compensation payments
  • Revealed that 52 million to 64 million PPI were sold but it is not known how many were mis-sold
  • 13 million success PPI complaints have been made so far
  • Bank have paid out more than 26.2 billion

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PPI reclaim now has a deadline - ACT NOW

Dont wait until the deadline to claim because this could cause a delay your payout as an influx of claims will be slowing down the banks processing speed.

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PBAs (Packaged Bank Account)

PBAs, Packaged Bank Accounts, are bank accounts which require you to pay an annual or monthly fee. Depending on your provider, PBAs are often referred to as Premium, Reward or Upgrade accounts. Either way, it can cost hundreds of pounds each year to hold one of these accounts, and in return, you are open to certain benefits or reward schemes.

PBAs sound like a nice idea at first, but over time it has become apparent that they are actually pretty useless. The so-called "benefits" that banks use to warrant paying for an account often amount to little more than empty promises. In many cases, account holders are unable to claim their rewards or find that the rewards aren’t exclusive in any way. It has also transpired that customers have been sold PBAs without their knowledge of having done so. You could be eligible for a claim if you fit any of the following criteria:

  • When you were sold a PBA, you didn't have all your options explained to you.
  • You were lied to about the rewards of having a PBA.
  • When signing up, you were already covered for the benefits listed.
  • You have tried to access the rewards of your PBA but have been denied by the bank.

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